Values, mission and vision

principles and commitments in constant time.

Values give us our competitive edge. This advantage, is none other than, to remain a family business in which the values transmitted by its founders on curing, principles of quality and taste are the guarantee to our customers.


Contribute to the health, well-being and the pleasure of enjoying the product, by providing the highest quality ham, and managing them so as to create value for our customers.


Being a reference company for its human quality, professional care and our contribution to technology and research.


Continue to provide a product for the distributor.


Be present for team working that can facilitate them in achieving their goals.


Respect for all members of the value chain. From pig rearing to final consumers.


Responsible for the trust of our customers.


Meat expert traditional and heritage expertise.


Family in personal dealings.


Environmentally sustainable.


Fuse the skill of efficiency and technological development.


Maintaining traditional values as a family business making our brand and curing plant a good work environment and serve our customers with affable company reputation that characterizes us.


Research and develop new systems and ways of doing things while respecting traditional methods.


Contribute to the health and nutrition of the highest quality while making a difference.


Opening your taste bods to enjoy a succulent mouthwatering ham.