Pernils Bufalvent closed 2015 with a great batucada

December 31 Pernils Bufalvent held a New Year event, a great batucada.

Batucada is a style of music with percussion instruments where what prevails is the coordinated teamwork, thereby achieving a perfect result and harmonic rhythms. Following this direction, Pernils Bufalvent made this celebration as a symbol of teamwork that makes the entire company, coordinating different departments and their staff to bring out the best.

The celebration began with a short speech from M.ª Carmen Gonzalez, in which the goals that the company has achieved in recent years and the commitments of the company with respect is reviewed, responsibility, tradition, family atmosphere and environmental awareness.

Later began with the chanting by the company Tumbata Percussion. The result was a well synchronized rhythm where you could feel the passion, motivation and joy of all the employees.